Barbara Kiviat

Peer-reviewed publications

Which Data Fairly Differentiate? American Views on the Use of Personal Data in Two Market Settings
Sociological Science

The Moral Limits of Predictive Practices: The Case of Credit-Based Insurance Scores
American Sociological Review

The Art of Deciding with Data: Evidence from How Employers Translate Credit Reports into Hiring Decisions
Socio-Economic Review

Disparate Impact? Race, Sex, and Credit Reports in Hiring

Forced Relocation and Residential Instability among Urban Renters
Social Service Review

U.S. Unemployment Insurance: Explaining Welfare State Expansion in an Era of Retrenchment
The Wagner Review

Other publications

Credit Scoring in the United States
Economic Sociology: The European Electronic Newsletter

Review of Beyond Our Means: Why America Spends While the World Saves, by Sheldon Garon
Public Administration Review

The Town That Wal-Mart Left: How Livingston, Alabama Fought for—and Lost—Its Most Important Store
Columbia Journalism School master's thesis

White papers

From Financial Literacy to Financial Action
McGraw-Hill Research Foundation

Employers’ Use of Credit Reports in Hiring and Employment: What are the Disparate Impacts on the Economically Vulnerable and How Can They Be Addressed?
W.K. Kellogg Foundation